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"Bannon declares war on GOP," the headlines blared after the Bloated One's performance before Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes Sunday night. I do not disparage Rose the interview; after all, until recently, Bannon was a top aide in the White House. Committing his insights to record is useful and important. Bannon's assessment that the firing of Comey was the worst mistake in modern political history is revelatory on a number of levels. However, once the fallout from this interview settles, it is time for a total boycott of everything Bannon.

While it is true that Bannon received degrees from both Georgetown and Harvard, that qualifies him as a smart guy, not a genius. It is a well known phenomenon that advisers to winning candidates are often hailed as political seers, when in fact it takes a strong candidate, many talented advisers, and sheer luck to win an election. We love the idea that there must be some sort of semi-mad genius in the wings, pulling invisible levers we know nothing about.

What, then, is the source of Bannon's power? He arose from the bowels of Breitbartlandia when he was able to harness and channel the then-amorphous rage of angry white dudes, aka Trump voters. However, Breitbart's energy has been sapped by an incessant boycott by the good people at Sleeping Giants. That group has crowdsourced an army of citizen activists who have hounded any and all companies caught advertising on Breitbart, whether by design or Google algorithm. Search Sleeping Giants on Twitter and get involved yourself!

It is going to be terribly tempting to get "scoops" from Banno as he falls into greater irrelevance. He is likely to become even more of a provocateur, although he is unlikely to truly spill the beans about Trump until this administration finally crumbles. Who wants to bet that he will turn like a shark and devour his former boss if he sees something in it for himself.

I do want to thank Steve Bannon. It was his appointment that sent me over the edge as an activist. I went from someone who complained to friends and who wrote the occasional letter to the editor to a committed, daily action writer. An actual white nationalist was appointed to a high position at the White House? Up until then, everything else Trump had done seemed like reality TV hyperbole. But Bannon in the SIT room truly made me lose sleep and fear for my country in a way few things have before. So thanks, you disgusting, rank Nazi in a rumpled button down. Your odiousness gave this activist a raison d'ĂȘtre. Yep, I used French on purpose! Long live the globalist cabal!

My call to action is this: post no more articles about Bannon. If you see posts about him on news sites, Facebook, and Twitter, simply use #BoycottBannon. Add a sentence about neutering this guy thought attention deficit. Don't feed the troll.


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